The Ideal City: Exploring Urban Futures

As technology and urban life edge ever closer, The Ideal City explores the ambitious actions and initiatives being brought to life across the globe to meet tomorrow’s demand in clever, forwarding-thinking ways. From pedestrian infrastructure to housing, the book uncovers what is being discussed at the forefront of urbanism through expert essays and profiles.
Release date: February 2021
Format: 210 × 260 mm
Features: Full color, hardcover, foil finish, stitch bound, 256 pages
Typefaces: Ostia Antica by Yoann Minet with Hugo Anglade and Laure Afchain (Bureau Brut)
Language: English

Design, layout and cover by Ilona Samcewicz-Parham
Edited by Robert Klanten and Elli Stuhler
Co-edited by SPACE10
Photo editorial by Mario Udzenija and Valentina Marinai
Editorial management by Sam Stevenson
Published by gestalten, Berlin 2021
Printed by NINO Druck GmbH, Neustadt/Weinstraße