The Home Upgrade: New Homes in Remodeled Buildings

The Home Upgrade looks beyond big budget projects and explores homes where the seemingly impossible has been achieved. Against a backdrop of growing cities and a changing approach to how we live, there are many reasons to refurbish a home. Our buildings must continue to evolve along with us—and that takes a little imagination. Historic conversions celebrate the unexpected relationship between old and new, and adaptive reuse projects reinvent the buildings around us. Exploring the most extraordinary transformations of recent years by leading studios, The Home Upgrade is an exhilarating look at the boundless possibilities of reimagining a home.
Release date: September 2019
Format: 240 × 300 mm
Features: Full color, hardcover, foil emboss, stitch bound, 256 pages
Typefaces: Traulha by Yoann Minet (Bureau Brut); and Monotype Grotesque by Frank Pierpont (Monotype)
Language versions: English and German

Design, layout and cover by Ilona Samcewicz-Parham
Edited by Robert Klanten, Andrea Servert and Tessa Pearson
Photo editorial by Valentina Marinai
Editorial management by Adam Jackman
Published by gestalten, Berlin 2019
Printed by Die Keure, Brugges