Dreamscapes & Artificial Architecture

Dreamscapes & Artificial Architecture presents the work of leading creatives from across the globe, exploring the infinite ways to conceptualize utopian oases and dystopian nightmares. With their roots in spatial design, their ideas present a new creative current defined by the fusion of digital techniques such as computer rendering and 3D art, and an aesthetic that moves between fantasy and reality. Freed from the constraints of the physical world, these dreamscapes expand the possibilities for architecture and interior design.

Release date: April 2020
Format: 210 × 260 mm
Features: Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 208 pages
Typeface: Millionaire by Raphaël Verona (Altiplano) and Panama by Roman Gornitsky (The Temporary State)
Language: English

Design and layout by Ilona Samcewicz-Parham
Edited by Robert Klanten and Elli Stuhler
Photo editorial by Mario Udzenija  
Editorial management by Sam Stevenson
Published by gestalten, Berlin 2020
Printed by Printer Trento s.r.l., Trento, Italy